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Schuberth J1


Schuberth J1

Schuberth J1

Schuberth J1

Schuberth J1

Schuberth J1



Standard CE 22.05.

In detail

The helmet

Outer shell

The outer shell of the J1 combines an aerodynamically optimal shape with excellent protection.

• Shell material: S.T.R.O.N.G. fibre and carbon

• Special glass fibre reinforced special duroplast matrix

• New helmet shell technology from SCHUBERTH permits low weight

• Glass fibre with a special resin added is compressed in a vacuum at a pressure of 4.5 bar to form a helmet shell which is exceptionally sturdy.

Inner shell

• Made of specially optimized EPS foam

• Used exclusively by SCHUBERTH

• A complex modular structure allows optimal shock absorption

Inner lining

The innovative interior lining of the J1 is outstanding due to its excellent fit and the optimised ventilation system.

• Optimized fit thanks to new MaxFit concept fitting

• Active multi-channel ventilation and extraction system (ensures a pleasant helmet climate, especially in the summer)

• High proportion of TechSkin material

• Variable pad system ensures effective ventilation (see ventilation summer/winter)

• Removable head band/head pads

• Hand washable up to 30 °C

• Removable cheek pads

360° Reflex

Improved visibility = Enhanced safety in the dark

• Reflex eyes under the visor (to retain the usability)

• Protection against dirt and insect impact

• Reflex pads embedded in the neck padding

Fastener system

• Standard: quick-release push button fastener

• quick snap = easy to use

The visor

Visor shield

Rated at Optical Class 1, the visor sets standards with respect to optical quality. The special polycarbonate material has exceptional
transparency, strength and toughness, as well as resistance to impact and fracture.

• Absolutely distortion-free throughout the entire field of vision, visor shield on average 2.5 mm thick

• Anti-scratch coating on the outside

• Anti-fog coating on the inside

2 visor sizes available:

• long version (standard)

• short version, ideal as accessory for journeys in built-up areas

Integrated sun visor

The sun visor enables quick and individual adjustment according to light conditions. It is integrated into the helmet shell and can be swivelled.

The sun visor can have:

• pilot look (included as standard)

• and straight end edge

Available tints:

• 80% grey tinted (included as standard)
Visor mechanism

• The EasyChange visor mechanism makes changing visors extremely simple and quick.

• City position of visor

Optical Class 1

Compliance with Optical Class 1 according to DIN EN 166 is provided only if the visor is absolutely distortion-free in the main viewing area.

The J1 visor satisfies not only this exceptional requirement, but offers the wearer distortion-free vision in practically the entire field of vision.

This ensures fatigue-free vision, and the visor is also suitable for unlimited use.

Technical info


High-performance aerodynamics

The J1 is a premium jet helmet which offers not only the customary freedom of a jet helmet but also first-class safety. The superiority of the J1 becomes apparent when touring thanks to its advanced aerodynamics and further features. Absence of drafts from the visor and aerodynamics developed in the wind tunnel make it suitable for riding at high speeds without any problem

• Aerodynamic shape

• requires neither spoiler nor wind deflector

• Directionally stable

• No oscillatory tendency


Aeroacoustics of the J1

All SCHUBERTH motorcycle and racing helmets are developed and optimised under scientific conditions in the SCHUBERTH wind tunnel.

The J1 is a premium jet helmet which offers a substantially quieter riding experience than most full-face helmets.

• Only 92 dB(A) at 100 km per hour (with closed machines)

• Safety principle: the reduced noise level assists the riders concentration and attentiveness.


Sound intensity is a phenomenon which can be explained logarithmically/mathematically. A 10 dB(A) jump in noise level is perceived by the human ear as a doubling of the noise level. Conversely a drop of 10 dB(A) is perceived as a halving of the noise level. Physically these changes in the perceived noise level already occur at an increase or decrease of 6 dB (A). This means that the increase/decrease in the physical load is higher than the one perceived.


Aeroacoustics are influenced by:

• the position of the helmet in the air flow, depending on the drivers size, riding posture, the motorcycles fairing

• The fit of the helmet: differences in the anatomy of the wearers head, neck and shoulder areas


• change the position of the windscreen

• close the gap at the bottom of the helmet, e.g. using a scarf


Ventilation system

The J1 has an innovative ventilation system and an active multi-channel air extraction system which ensures a pleasant helmet climate, especially in the summer.

• Directs the air flow from the ventilation air scoop directly to the head

• Head vent (1 adjustable ventilation inlet)

• Permanent air extraction by means of low pressure

• Air is directed out of the helmet through channels in the inner shell (double cooling effect)

• Free air circulation in the interior thanks to variable pad system

• Ventilation system

Summer and winter

The positioning of the head pads can be adjusted, enabling fast and easy adaptation of in-helmet head ventilation according to:

• the season

• weather conditions

• personal preferences

O2 ventilation

• In cold weather it often occurs that with closed air supply the motorcyclists neck zone becomes sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs.

• The concentration of carbon dioxide inside the helmet is a key safety criterion for preventing symptoms of fatigue and the thinning of breathable air.

• No negative effects on health need be feared as long as the CO2 concentration remains below 3.5 %.

• The maximum level of CO2 concentration at the workplace is 0.5 %

• Even when the neck zone is sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs, this helmet guarantees that the CO2 concentration remains below the 0.5% limit as from a speed of approx. 30 km/h.

• In cases where the helmet is completely sealed off by hoods, scarves or neckerchiefs, the visor ought to be opened (city-travel position) for safety reasons when idling, for example at traffic lights, or travelling slowly.


Anti-Roll-Off System


The Anti-Roll-Off System (A.R.O.S.) especially developed by SCHUBERTH is provided as a safety feature in every SCHUBERTH motorcycle helmet. It ensures that provided the chinstrap is closed and correctly adjusted:

• the helmet cannot pivot off the head from behind

• the risk of contact between the chin section of the helmet and the chin or neck of the rider is minimised due to the small angle of tilt

• the consequences of the helmet coming into contact with the chest as the result of an accident are reduced

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