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Shad SH48 Topkoffer

Shad SH48 Topkoffer

Shad SH48 Topkoffer

Shad SH48 Topkoffer

Shad SH48 Topkoffer

Shad SH48 Topkoffer

Shad SH48 Topkoffer

Shad SH48 Topkoffer

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  • Shad SH48 Topkoffer
  • Shad SH48 Topkoffer
  • Shad SH48 Topkoffer
  • Shad SH48 Topkoffer
  • Shad SH48 Topkoffer
  • Shad SH48 Topkoffer
  • Shad SH48 Topkoffer
  • Shad SH48 Topkoffer

Shad SH48 Topkoffer

Product beschrijving Shad SH48 Topkoffer

Reference D0B48200.

SHAD creates a high quality product, which satisfies all the market demands, with the maximum features.

With the highest capacity (it holds two big full face helmets plus kit) and the minimum weight (3,7kg) for comfy riding that cuts down on support and chassis vibrations.

It is also offers the new CARBON cover, an exclusive innovation for SH48.

There is a large variety of decorative case covers.

The case has a comfortable double backrest that provides more safety and comfort.

Its upper and lower parts make it a very useful and complete accessory.

Its the only one available on the market with these features.

Case Cover not included.


- Maximum Load:


- 2 full face helmets.

- Smart Lock System.

- D1B48PA plate included.

- Impact Resistant.

- Waterproof Sealing System.

- Optional backrest as an accessory.

- Optional inner bag as an accessory.

- Optional upper rack as an accessory.

- Optional brake light as an accessory The Moto SH48 New Titanium Suitcase is a high end product, with all the requirements of the market and the maximum performance.

With capacity for two modular helmets and a weight of 3.

7 Kg of trunk, it is the lightest top case in the market in high capacity trunks.

This reduces the vibrations, causing less damage to the bike supports and chassis.

Its structural frame guarantees high rigidity and resistance with a minimum weight.

It offers maximum safety thanks to its innovative Smart Lock System seal system, a system with automatic retractable handle and 3.

- position Hermetic seal.

This system allows you to keep the suitcase open without being able to remove it, as well as opening and closing without the need for the key, in this way you will only use the key to block it.


- handed opening.

The SH48 allows several personalization configurations, combining the colors of the side strips with the top covers.

As optional covers we would have the innovative carbon look option, which combines with any motorcycle color.

We also have the covers in white, black metal and the same color as the option of the belt of the suitcase, ie new titanium or dark grey.

There is also the Virgin option to personalize it to your liking.

As accessories, we have the double backrest, the internal bag, the upper metal grill and the brake light.

The double backrest (D0RI4800) provides greater comfort for the passenger in addition to giving a totally unique design to the whole.

The internal bag (X0IB00), with top opening and external pocket for direct accessibility, is reinforced with an internal foam to protect the contents of any blow and a cinch and handle to make it easier to transport.

In this way the internal bag facilitates the transport of the goods without having to remove the suitcase.

The top metal Grill (D0PS00) increases the capacity of the suitcase while maintaining the same maximum load, and has specific eyelashes for octopuses and bags to secure and fix the load.

Finally, the brake light (D0B29KL), is of low consumption LEDs and is very easy to install, since it is attached to the bottom of the base of the suitcase, increases the safety being the most visible bike from a rear view.

Like the rest of the SHAD bike suitcases, it incorporates the deck and the hardware kit.

Als u opzoek bent naar een goede kwaliteit Opbergdoos, dan zal ons aanbod van Opbergdoos zeker aan uw verwachtingen voldoen. Wij adviseren u Shad SH48 Topkoffer, de prijs is 264 $ en is op voorraad. motardinn is de beste optie om uw motorsport uitrusting te kopen voor de beste prijs. Als u een goedkopere prijs vindt voor Shad SH48 Topkoffer, zullen wij de prijs aanpassen!

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Goedenavond u zou kunnen hebben met de witte kleur van de stam elft SH48. andere vraag is vol rug of op de cover? thanks betreft Renzo 360629834

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